Azaran industrial group

Azaran Industrial Group, one of the largest manufacturers of brass faucets and fittings, multi-layer pipes, and related industrial machinery, was established and launched in 1986 in the historical and industrial city of Isfahan. Today, this group continues its industrial activities by producing brass products under the brand name “Azar,” multi-layer pipes, and industrial machinery under the brand name “Azaran.” A long history of production, the utilization of technical knowledge and expertise from both domestic and foreign specialists, along with the use of the most modern machinery and equipment in the world, has ensured that the products of this company are always ranked among the best and highest quality domestic products and are competitive with the top global brands.

We are always trying

Azaran Industrial Group with the slogan “Quality  and  confidence>> has always tried to comply with the principle of customer orientation and produce quality products, while creating a sense of satisfaction and confidence for domestic consumers, sending its products to the international markets as Iranian quality goods and taking a small step in the direction of Exalt the name of our dear Iran.The following are among the capabilities of Azaran Industrial Group:
  • Institutionalized specialized knowledge regarding the production of brass products and related machinery
  • Industrial automation mainly in production line stations
  • Having a green mechanized plating line
  • Having advanced machines with the latest technology, such as CNC machines, a series of six-axis lathes, automatic transfer machines and advanced presses.
  • Localization of industrial machinery production knowledge followed by sales and launch of production lines related to brass products
  • The quality control laboratory is fully equipped and introduced as a partner laboratory of the National Standard Organization
  • Covering all the processes of the collection, by the established ERP system
  • Having a wide sales network


Currently, the products of Azaran Industrial Group are leading in terms of quality and variety of production compared to other similar manufacturers in the country, and by relying on human resources and appropriate technology, they have been able to diversify their product portfolio over time and gain a reliable brand. brought
Considering the possibility of improving the position and increasing the share in the domestic market, by maintaining and improving the variety and quality and reducing the total price for all products and by updating and developing human resources and technology, not only to complete its product portfolio, but also Provide opportunities for export to global markets and be one of the top producers.