About Azaran Company

About Azaran Company Azaran Industrial Group (Private Joint Stock Company) entered the field of industry in 1986 in the historical and industrial city of Isfahan. This company comes from the heart of a factory that was built by hardworking and committed industrialists to manufacture various types of industrial gears, and after a period of research and evolution and by changing the production structure and according to the urgent needs of the country to produce Azar has made brass valves under the brand name and is currently operating with an area of 15,000 square meters consisting of 9,000 square meters of workshop space, 2,500 square meters of office building and 1,500 square meters of welfare space. The company has been able to use foreign technology and foreign exchange resources and only relying on domestic capital and technical knowledge in the field of dairy industry and having up-to-date and efficient machinery, which is often the construction of the company’s machinery sector and Benefiting from its technical and engineering power and potential, bring “Azran Industrial Group” to the arena and turn the complex into the largest producer of brass valves in the region.

We are always trying

Azran Industrial Group with the slogan “Azaran, quality, reliability” in order to improve technology has always been trying to localize in addition to receiving modern technologies, which include the following:
1. Use of vertical and horizontal transfers
2- Implementation of automation in production lines
3- Having a mechanized plating line and PLC
4- Using fully automatic machines and….
5- Having MECOL PRESS automatic presses
6- Having Gildemeister six-axis lathe series

Company Vision

At present, the products of Azaran Industrial Group are leading in terms of quality and variety of production compared to other similar manufacturers in the country, and by relying on human resources and appropriate technology, it has been able to diversify its product portfolio over time and obtain a reputable brand. Brought.
Considering the possibility of improving the position and increasing the share in the domestic market, by maintaining and improving the variety and quality and reducing the cost for all products and by updating and developing human resources and technology, not only to complete its product portfolio, but also Provide export opportunities to global markets and be one of the top producers.

In this case, it can be hoped that all the difficulties in presenting solutions and difficult typing conditions will end and the required time, including typing the main achievements and answering the continuous questions of the existing world of design, will be used basically.

Mission Statement